Lifestyle Case Study

Urban Development

Lifestyle shoot for Aimco Development Corporation, of their Ocean House property in La Jolla California

TARGET Common Areas
CLASSIFICATION: Lifestyle Photography


Portray the Southern California affluent, beach casual lifestyle, through out the common areas of the property. The Clubroom, Gym, Pool, Barbecue & Lounge. Photograph “tenant” interaction, portraying the lifestyle of the location, showing  groups of active males and females ranging in ages from 37-60, enjoying the facilities.


Organizing and putting together the elements needed based on the target demographics

We casted six male models and six female models, the client wanted to use three each, initially, but when presented with the budget per model, they decided to choose four male and four females instead. We had two makeup artists, a stylist, and two assistants. Since we scheduled the shoot as a full day shoot, we catered it in a way were we could actually use the BBQ and lounge area as a “party” set up.  The shoot took a total of 8 hours from set up to take down. and covered all the common areas of the development; Club House, Gym, BBQ & Lounge and the Pool.


Club House

Lounge & BBQ